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“Regenesis” going back to Origin - The restoration of all things to pre-genesis era and much more is the name we use to capture what our Community is called to be. The Regenesis is an uncovering of the answer to our quest for freedom from religion and the discovery of our purpose in creation. . Our vision is the production of fully reformed and regenerated humans upon the earth.

Ours is not a religious organization but a present truth kingdom community of people called as priests to minister to all of God’s creation.The sight of the Kingdom is our NEW starting context, the revelation of the kingdom cannot be patched into the old garment; nor can it be contained in old containers. Receiving the gospel of the kingdom makes all things new, more alive, more real and very satisfying to the soul. This is the season for rediscovering the gospel of the kingdom of God. The history of man has completed six millennia and has begun the seventh millennium since Adam. Since Jesus, two millennia have been completed and the third has begun. The new wine of the gospel of the kingdom will not fit our old filing system. We don’t have a folder for it. And the revelation of the kingdom will not fit under any of our headings. The gospel of the kingdom becomes the system into which all other revelation and truth of God regarding man and earth will fit.

The Regenesis is the ministry of Ayodeji Ezra-Williams and carries a mandate to inspire a new generation in the pursuit of God's fullness and reformational change. This is accomplished through preaching, teaching, writing, electronic media, and by creating environments conducive to the presence of God, ranging from conferences and schools to experimental 'kingdom' networks and alternative expressions of church.

The Regenesis is committed to been an Apostolic and Prophetic voice to the modern Church. DOWNLOAD MINISTRY PROFILE

Apostolic Team

  • Ayodeji & Oluwaranti Ezra-Williams
  • Oluwashina Adisa
  • Elijah Centre,London,UK.
  • The Third Temple
  • Lagos Nigeria
  • Babs Adewunmi
  • Prophetic School,Nigeria


A Kingdom Community is a Communion of People with a common spiritual ancestry and goal. It is a place of LOVE and APOSTOLIC DEFINITION with a capacity to shepherd beyond the boundaries of their world. The spiritual architecture of a kingdom community is structured to evolve a culture with all the component constitution which enables her to function under divine grace as a HOLY NATION. It rejects the garb of a denomination and upholds kingdom principles and values.

Our Community meeting starts at 9:30 AM on SUNDAYS with a time of interaction and Body Ministry, come early to be part of this because in Regenesis we believe everyone has something to give.

1st Corinthians 14:26 What then, brethren, is [the right course]? When you meet together, each one has a hymn, a teaching, a disclosure of special knowledge or information, an utterance in a [strange] tongue, or an interpretation of it. [But] let everything be constructive and edifying and for the good of all.


  • The Patriachs: Mens Advance , Olumide Campbel , Team Leader
  • Rebecah's Company : Womens Interchange, Ranti Williams, Team Leader
  • The 10x Better :Youth Xpression
  • Apostles in the MarketPlace: Eze Williams,Team Leader


The Fellowships

  • Prophets Priests & Kings
  • Nobility Faith & Destiny
  • Without Defilement & Pressuring their Peers
  • Technology,Enterprise & Nation Building


CITY APOSTOLIC COUNCIL [CAC] is a fluid relational movement of leaders and influencers pursuing God and the current reformational shifts in the church and in the world. Participants range from traditional pastors, through those in the ICT, media and business, to emerging church pioneers.

  • To Redesign the Spheres.
  • To Express Kingdom Government.
  • To Replace Walls with Wells.
  • To Be In Community.
  • To Mentor One Another.
  • To Explore and Develop New Apostolic Models.
  • To Partner Beyond the Pulpit.
  • To Build Together Until the Kingdom is Instituted on Earth.
Message:From Church to Kingdom

We proclaim the reign of God over the church and over every sphere of life, including politics, arts & media.

Authority:From Official to Spiritual

There is a fluid relational leadership configuration of mature apostolic, prophetic, and pastoral leaders who gather at periodically as a governing territorial company of sons, to seek God and strategize for kingdom advancement.

Relationship & Authority

Any authority these leaders have is through relational equity, gift, and calling, not position, office, or hierarchy. Authority flows horizontally not vertically and functions by virtue of the gift of Christ and healthy mutually respectful relationships.This approach serves to emphasize first, the primacy of relationship with God, and secondly, with one another as the operating principles of the body of Christ. We recognize that God "sets in the church first apostles, secondly prophets, and thirdly teachers" (see 1 Cor 12:28). Rather than a hierarchy of structure we see this as an order of spiritual sequence. The full restoration of apostles, prophets, and teachers is integral to spiritual breakthrough and the increase of the kingdom of God.




Jesus taught much about entering the kingdom and walking or abiding in it. Jesus preached and taught more about what the kingdom of God is like, how it works, and how to enter it, than any other subject. The parables that Jesus taught in the four Gospels are the richest teaching on the kingdom of God in the Bible. However, what the kingdom of God (the rule /dominion of God) is like and how it works spans the entire Bible, and is the predominant theme of the Word of God.

Jesus was not greatly concerned with teaching us how to live in heaven someday. His great concern was revealing to us how to live on the earth in this life now. God’s plan is the establishment of His kingdom on earth in and through redeemed man. TLI is a reformed training institute focused on the Gospel of the Kingdom .

The gospel of the kingdom becomes the system into which all other revelation and truth of God regarding man and earth will fit.The backbone of the religious church for centuries has been studying about God in the Bible. Theology (the study of God) is an intellectual exercise that cannot discover the hidden mysteries of the kingdom that Jesus imparted to His disciples. The supernatural power and heavenly wisdom of God is not obtained through intellectual study. The Bible is a spiritual book that becomes alive only by the Holy Spirit. Intellectual knowledge of the Bible can only produce opinions that are determined in the minds of men. The many different opinions of men in the religious church created schools of thought that divided people into many thousands of powerless denominations.

The School is delivered in the following mode

  • One - Three days Seminar
  • Apostolic Training School[ACTS]
  • Intensive Apostolic Encounter[1 Month]
  • Kingdom Leadership Upgrade
  • Nine Months Leadership Institute

The Modules

  • Church Developments
  • Kingdom Concepts
  • Apostolic Reformation
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  • School of the Spirit

'And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world as a witness to all Nations and then the end will come' Mathew 24:14

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